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Frequently Asked Questions

MarketGod Trading FAQ

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Why did my indicator not send a buy or a sell when the market price changed

If you're experiencing this, you may be using the tool for the wrong reasons. - If you were confused as to why it has not sent a buy or sell signal
The buy and sell criteria were not triggered for a good reason, and this is no bug. You can choose to make your buys and sells without using the indicator. Just now, there is a good reason the alert didn't fire.

I received a notification from Tradingview, and there is no signal painted on the chart?

Ghost alerts occur when users have outdated alerts. These events happen when users have not cleared their alerts after a recent update to the indicator on their chart & therefore, they are receiving alerts for an older version.

What is Repainting?

Repainting in the forex is a term that represents the trading platform indicator that repainting, meaning that indicator changes display on the chart as new price data (candles/bars) comes in. A repainting process shows that the indicator is displaying on the chart is highly accurate when it is not.
Repainting indicator " The repainting indicator is one that goes on changing in its value as an indicator repositioning its line at the point where the current price bar is forming. Such indicators take the help of future data to bring forth the values and signals for entry. In this way, repainting indicators ensure their exit and entry signals in the past look highly accurate and has zero error. The repainting indicator looks accurate on the chart, but in real trading, they are not. Naturally, all Tradingview Programmers writing in pine-script will encounter questions regarding the validity of a given script and how it handles repainting. For those who may be unfamiliar, here is the direct definition of repainting from the Tradingview Pine-Script Manual Historical data does not include records of intra-bar movements of price; only open, high, low, and close (OHLC). This leads to a script sometimes working differently on historical data and in real-time, where only the open price is known and where the price will typically move many times before the real-time bar's final high, low, and close values are set after the real-time bar closes. Strategies using calc_on_every_tick=true. can trigger a repaint warning. Even strategy with parameter calc_on_every_tick = false may also be prone to repainting but to a lesser degree. Using security for requesting data from a resolution higher than the resolution of the chart's main symbol can also trigger repainting.

Does MarketGod Repaint?


What Is MarketGod and MarketGod Trading?

MarketGod trading is an organization committed to better enabling retail traders on their road to success. Our offering is a technical indicator that can be accessed via third-party partners, like, to ultimately suggest when our users should buy and sell a given security or financial market.

Where Can We Buy Access to MarketGod for Tradingview?‌

MarketGod For Tradingview
Crypto Payment

Which Markets Can I Apply MarketGod On?

We've designed MarketGod to work on all of them. If a ticker is available on our partner's site, we can analyze the data and apply the algorithm.
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • OTC
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indexes (Options)
  • ETFs & Mutual Funds
Ultimately, if you're a fan of finance, we have a solution for you. Our Financial Service is well known, and the benefits towards your overall investing success will be clear.

How Do I Find MarketGod once On Tradingview?

  1. 1.
    From your tradingview chart, access the public indicator library near the top of the screen.
  2. 2.
    On the left-hand side, you will see a section titled "invite-only."
  3. 3.
    If the section is not there, you are not yet on the permissions list.
    • If you have been waiting for more than 12 hours, please email our team.
  4. 4.
    From the invite-only tab in the indicator library, you should see two options.
    • MarketGod for Tradingview [study]
    • MarketGod for Tradingview [strategy]
  • Select either of the two available options, noting that each is published by user @marketgodx, no longer TVMarketGod

What Comes With My MarketGod Purchase?

MarketGod for Tradingview Includes
1. MarketGod for Tradingview [study]
2. MarketGod for Tradingview [strategy]

What Can I Use For Free‌

Regardless if you are a MarketGod customer/user, all traders on can access these tools we have published.
  • MarketGod Visuals
  • Market EKG
  • RSI Divergence

Do You Accept Crypto Payment?

We accept all cryptocurrencies from all countries.

Is There An Affiliate Program?

Yes, Register by following this link to Affiliate Registration

How Are We Supposed To Use MarketGod

How Do We Set Up MarketGod

Please view our tutorial pages to see the process for adding MarketGod to your Charts.

I've Recently Purchased. My Indicator Access Is Still Locked?

Please be sure you have provided us with your username for Tradingview to add you to the tool. If you have, Please check you have refreshed your browser, and move on to the next step.
If you have not, Please Email us your order confirmation, along with your Tradingview username, to [email protected].

How Long Does it Take to be added to the MarketGod Permissions List?

In most cases, we will add you within 4-6 hours.
  • We are working to eliminate the long delays, but occasionally system errors could result in 4+ hours added.
  • Weekends and holidays may be slower.
    • If you are not on the tool after 12 hours, please email us a reminder at [email protected].

Is there a best time frame to use this tool?

View General Uses Section

Does the Type of Candle Matter

It shouldn't, but if it's showing different results in different charting types, the most accurate for trend trading is Heikin Ashi. All script inputs are taken independent of your chart input. Just make sure you're not backtesting the strategy with Heikin Ashi.

Which Alert Setting is Best for Frequency

Once per bar is correct, and if you haven't received an alert on the 1D frame yet, that's because the market isn't offering any trades MarketGod deems as risky worthy. This is a good thing. ‌

It Seems that my Alerts Disappear Before the Period Closes

As mentioned in suggested uses, we advise waiting until the prior period has closed for confirmation.

May I know how Eric Thies is using it? The settings and method/strategies

  • HA Candles
  • 1h, 4h, 6h, 1D charts
  • KDJ Indicator Oscillator & RSI Oscillator as reference below the price chart

When does MarketGod calculate its signals?‌

The signals are calculated by the most recent data available to the indicator on tradingview. If your chart is in real-time, it will send the alert in real-time, meaning as it happens. If your chart is using delayed signals, MarketGod will calculate on the data made available time. For Automation purposes, alerts and notifications are sent to confirm the period closing with a given alert. The different classical technical indicators comprised across the various MarketGod versions include magnitudes of various oscillators mainly comprised of MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Ichimoku, Gann Trend Analysis, Wyckoff Accum/Distribution Laws, Fibonacci calculated support/resistances, and more.

The Lock on My Indicator Access is Still Red?

Still, try adding the tools after refreshing the browser. The red lock updates once you've accessed a tool, not just gained access to it.

Why are my labels only showing up on the part of the chart?

Do you see this or something similar below on your charts? It may happen when switching between 'plots' and 'labels' due to the trading view's limitation on labels allowed on a given chart. Simply put, the more authors with visuals on charts takes more server space and creates slower environments for users. So they limit the visuals to keep the servers as fast as traders need. To solve this, we recommend changing the time frame, zooming in, or reducing the frequency of alerts by changing the filter settings to a higher number. You may also replace the label options with standard plots again.‌

Can I use these indicators with a Free Tradingview account?

You can use all of our indicators with a free account, but keep in mind that you can only set up one live alert with a free account and only have up to three indicators on your chart active at one time. With a Pro account, you can set up multiple alerts and have up to 10 indicators on your chart at one time. I recommend a PRO+ account, which will give you more than enough alerts and indicators on your chart.

Do you have indicators coded for MT4?

Our indicators only work on TradingView at the moment. There are some plans to code them for MT4 and MT5, but we don't have an ETA.
A lot of traders chart their trades with our indicators on TradingView and then place their trades on MT4. This is a prevalent and preferred method since TradingView is known to have the best charting platform for Crypto, Stocks, and Forex, and MT4 is well known for its fast and easy trade execution platform.

Is there a Discord group for MarketGod users?‌

Not at this time.

Where did the Discord group go?

This has been an on/off community that Eric does not have the bandwidth to manage at this time effectively.

Why do I not have Indicator Access?

Chances are the user has submitted an incorrect username. Tradingview has a CASE SENSITIVE system, and the smallest difference in your username to the username submitted to our system could cause an error.
I changed my username on Tradingview and have lost access.