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Why did my indicator not send a buy or a cell when the market price changed?

If you're experiencing this, you may be using the tool for the wrong reasons.

If you were confused as to why it has not sent a buy or sell signal, there are two options

  1. The buy and sell criteria was not triggered for a good reason. This is not a bug and you are misinterpreting the use of this tool.

  2. You can choose to make your own buys and sells without using the indicator. Just now there is a good reason the alert didn’t fire

What Are The Differences In Marketgod Scripts?

New users are recommended to use 'MarketGodx for Tradingview', published by TVMarketGod in the Tradingview public library.

Each MarketGod script follows a criteria which defines its version number. The main two are highlighted below.

The tools were released sequentially so each progressive version is essentially more accurate, reliable and performs better than its predecessor (ie. MarketGod v7 is better than MarketGod v6, and MarketGod v6 is better than v5, etc)

In addition, each "Version" number has its own unique buy and sell criteria from the predecessor. For example, MarketGodx, which was released after MarketGod v7, has a completely different buy and sell criteria than v7, making them completely different at the root.

What Order were the Indicators Released in?

Order Of Versions

MarketGod v5

MarketGod v6

MarketGod v7


  • MarketGodx²

  • Back-Test to be published with MarketGodx² release

A MarketGod Alert was sent to my phone / email but nothing painted on the chart when I looked

This is an easy fix and is typically caused by one of two issues

Your alerts are outdated

When we publish a new update, we recommend you reset your alerts entirely. There are tools we recommend to make this an easier process, but it must be done. We ask this because Tradingview does not automatically update the alerts that are already set, when you add a newer version of the chart. So in essence, you're receiving a ghost alert from an older version of MarketGod.

You are using a very low time frame and the alerts are not confirmed when you check

MarketGod calculated IN REAL TIME. Meaning, the algo fires the signals when the current bar meets a preset criteria. On lower-time frames, this means there are likely calculations taking place that are right on the edge of hitting the pre-established criteria. We do this as an effort to justify our integrity in calculating without repainting. Our recommendation is the wait until the alert is CONFIRMED before evaluating the signal.

What is Repainting?

Naturally, all Tradingview Programmers writing in pine-script will encounter questions regarding the validity of a given script, and how it handles repainting.For those who may be unfamiliar, here is the direct definition of repainting from the Tradingview Pine-Script Manual

Historical data does not include records of intra-bar movements of price; only open, high, low and close (OHLC). This leads to a script sometimes working differently on historical data and in real-time, where only the open price is known and where price will typically move many times before the real-time bar’s final high, low and close values are set after the real-time bar closes.

Strategies using calc_on_every_tick=true. A strategy with parameter calc_on_every_tick = false may also be prone to repainting, but to a lesser degree.

Using security for requesting data from a resolution higher than the resolution of the chart’s main symbol

Does MarketGod Repaint?


What Is MarketGod And MarketGod Trading?

MarketGod Trading is an organization committed to better enabling retail traders on their road to success. Our offering is a technical indicator that can be accessed via third party partners, like, to ultimately suggest when our users should buy and sell a given security or financial market.

Where Can We Buy MarketGod Access?

MarketGod For Tradingview One Time Payment

Card Payment

Crypto Payment

MarketGod for TrendSpider

All billing is handled by TrendSpider and MarketGod is included

Which Markets Can I Apply Marketgod To?

We've designed MarketGod to work on all of them. If a ticker is available on our partners site, we can analyze the data and apply the algorithm. This includes, but. is not limited to

  • Equities

  • Commodities


  • OTC

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Indexes (Options)

  • ETFs & Mutual Funds

Ultimately, if you're a fan of finance, we have a solution for you. Our Financial Service is well known and the benefits towards your overall investing success will be clear.

How Do I Find MarketGod ?

What Comes With My MarketGod Purchase?

MarketGod for Tradingview Includes

What Can I Use For Free?

Regardless if you are a MarketGod customer/user, all traders on can access these tools we have published

Do You Accept Crypto Payment?

  • We accept all cryptocurrencies from all countries. By design, you may notice from time to time our cryptocurrency prices are significantly lower than the card payment.

Is There An Affiliate Program?

  • Yes

Register following this link

How Are We Supposed To Use Marketgod?

Please see our comprehensive (and growing) collection of User-Guides and more.

How Do We Set Up Marketgod?

Please view our tutorials pages to see the process for adding MarketGod to your Charts

I've Recently Purchased. My Indicator Access Is Still Locked

Please be sure you have provided us with your username for Tradingview so we may add you to the tool.

  1. If you have Please check you have refreshed your browser, and move on to the nextstep.

  2. If you have not Please Email us your order confirmation, along with your Tradingview Username, to

Please allow up to 8 hours for your order to be processed. Tradingview does not allow automation on their permissions lists and we are limited to only using manual add/remove. Weekends and holidays may be slower.

If you are not on the tool after 12 hours, please email us a reminder at

Is there a best time frame to use this?

Addressed on the suggested uses linked here Does candle type matter? Do I have to use Heiken Ashi candles?

Addressed on the suggested uses linked here

Which Alert Setting is Best? Once Per Bar?

Once per bar is correct.

And if you haven't received an alert on the 1D frame yet, that's because the Market isn't offering any trades MarketGod deems as risky worthy. This is a good thing.

It Seems that my Alerts Disappear Before the Period Closes - Why?

As mentioned in suggested uses, we advise waiting until the prior period has closed for confirmation.

May I know how Eric Thies is using it? The settings, and method/strategies, etc.?

HA Candles. TF's ranging 1h, 4h, 6h, 1D, 3D, 1w, 2w and 1M. Bollinger Bands & Keltner Channels on my chart, with MarketGod Visuals Tool and RSI Divergence. Sometimes I use the BB% Oscillator

When does MarketGod calculate its signals?

The signals are calculated by the most recent data available to the indicator on tradingview. If your chart is in relatime, it will send the alert in real time, meaning AS IT HAPPENS. If your chart is using signals that are delayed, MarketGod will calculate on the data made available time.

For Automation purposes, alerts and notifications send at the confirmation of the period closing with a given alert.

The different classical technical indicators comprised across the various MarketGod versions include magnitudes of various oscillators mainly comprised of MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Ichimoku, Gann Trend Analysis, Wyckoff Accum/Distribution Laws, Fibonacci calculated support/resistances, and more.

Which Version Should I Use?

New Users are recommended to Use MarketGodx for Tradingview, which you can find by searching "MarketGodx" In the public indicator library. This will be version MarketGodx² when added to your chart.

The Lock on My Indicator Access is Still Red

Still try adding the tools after refreshing the browser. The red lock updates once you've accessed a tool, not just gained access to it.

My Strategy is not Compiling

Look familiar? Lets resolve it here.

This occurs uniquely to the MarketGodx - Test Strategy

"Quantity for entry or order must be a positive....."
Option 1. to resolve this is to adjust the percentage on the order to 1% instead of 10.

Option 1.

Resolve this by adjusting the percentage on the order to 1% instead of 10. We experienced this on altcoins, although it may reoccur elsewhere

Option 2.

If adjusting the % doesn't work, try changing the input option to "contracts" instead of %

Option #2, adjust the input type to contracts in the strategy settings.

Why are my labels only showing up on part of the chart?

Seeing this or something similar below on your charts? It may happen when switching between 'plots' and 'labels' due to trading view's limitation on labels that are allowed on a given chart.

Simply put, the more authors with visuals on charts takes more server space and creates slower environments for users. So they limit the visuals to keep the servers as fast as traders need.

To solve this, we recommend changing the time frame, zooming in, or reducing the frequency in alerts by changing the filter settings to a higher number. You may also replace the label options with normal plots again.

Look Familiar?

Can I use these indicators with a free TradingView account?

You can use all of our indicators with a free account, but keep in mind, with a free account you can only set up one live alert and only have up to three indicators on your chart active at one time. With a Pro account, you can set up multiple alerts and have up to 10 indicators on your chart at one time. I recommend a PRO+ account which will give you more than enough alerts and indicators on your chart. You can view the TV membership options at

Do you have indicators coded for MT4?

Our indicators only work on TradingView at the moment. There are some plans to code them for MT4 and MT5 but we don't have an ETA on that. What a lot of traders do is chart their trades with our indicators on TradingView and then place their trades on MT4. This is a very popular and preferred method since TradingView is known to have the best charting platform for Crypto, Stocks, and Forex and MT4 is well known for it's fast and easy trade execution platform.

Why is the Admin in the Discord Group Non-Responsive?

Our team chooses to be less involved. This is not a trading group, or premium paid group in which the admin needs to be involved. This is a product, and was purchased.. Questions that are asked will be answered if they are

  1. Unasked, or un-addressed elsewhere in the group

  2. . New problems or issues that need a response.