Many of these tutorials were included in the previous section. They have been added here as a central location for them all to be sourced.

Below are numerous tutorials provided to all users, and aimed for users of all experience with our tools. They are available in video form, text form, GIF form and can be made available by PDF should the prior listed not be accessible or preferred.

How to Find MarketGod

Login to your account on Tradingview

  1. From the homepage, click on ‘Chart’ in the top navigation bar.Select “Indicators” on the top-center-middle panel:

  2. In the indicator library, type ‘MarketGodx’ as one word and select “MarketGodx for Tradingview”. The indicator will be added to your chart and now close the pop-up window

Once you have added MarketGod to your charts, you will want to establish alerts to maximize your trading opportunities. Follow these steps to set them correctly

How to FInd Marketod
Adding MarketGod to your Chart

How to Set Alerts

  1. From your Tradingview chart, navigate to the market or ticker and timeframes you'd like to set an alert for

  2. From the main chart, click on the alerts icon in the right panel and then click the plus (+) to open the ‘Set Alert’ menu

  3. Set the alerts for Buy and Sell, by selecting the MarketGod Indicator as the source of the alert (first drop down menu in the panel).

  4. When the source is set to MarketGod, choose 'Buy Alert' or 'Sell Alert' from the menu afterward.

  5. The frequency of the alerts should be set to your preference. We recommend the 'Once per bar close' option that sends an alert via SMS for email, without expiry, whenever the conditions are met.

  6. This option is only available through tradingview's premium plans

How to Set Alerts Video #1
Another video on setting alerts

How to Remove the NA Values on your Chart

How To Remove the "NA" Values from Your Chart

Users can remove unwanted values from their chart by following these steps

  • Click the settings gear in the bottom right

  • From the ‘Settings’, select the ‘Background’ tab

  • Uncheck these two check boxes and press “Ok”

Changing Candlesticks