Full Tutorials and Step by Step instructions on starting, using, and troubleshooting the MarketGod Indicator

Below are numerous tutorials provided to all users, and aimed for users of all experience with our tools. They are available in video form, text form, GIF form and can be made available by PDF should the prior listed not be accessible or preferred.

Tutorial | Making a Tradingview Account

Prior to starting your use of the MarketGod Indicator, you will need to create a user account for Tradingview.com.

While users with a free-account on Tradingview will be able to enjoy the majority of MarketGod's benefits, we do recommend you upgrade to their pro or premium offerings to ensure you are not limited in your use.

1. Visit https://tradingview.com

2. Create Free Account OR Trial the Pro accounts for 30 Days

3. Click on Chart on the top of the navigation menu

4. Choose the market of your preference by searching in the top left of the charting screen.

Above: the account creation process on tradingview.com

Tutorial | Finding the MarketGod Indicator

  1. From the homepage, click on ‘Chart’ in the top navigation bar.Select “Indicators” on the top-center-middle panel:

  2. In the indicator library, type ‘MarketGodx’ as one word and select “MarketGodx for Tradingview”. The indicator will be added to your chart and now close the pop-up window

Once you have added MarketGod to your charts, you will want to establish alerts to maximize your trading opportunities. You can set alerts on every market of your choice, and the steps in the following sections will walk you through the process of doing so

Full Video

Full Video

Video: Adding MarketGodx²

Above: How to FInd MarketGodx²

Video: Adding MarketGod v5, v6, v7 to Charts

Adding MarketGod to your Chart

Tutorial | Setting MarketGod Alerts

  1. From your Tradingview chart, navigate to the market or ticker and timeframes you'd like to set an alert for

  2. From the main chart, click on the alerts icon in the right panel and then click the plus (+) to open the ‘Set Alert’ menu

  3. Set the alerts for Buy and Sell, by selecting the MarketGod Indicator as the source of the alert (first drop down menu in the panel).

  4. When the source is set to MarketGod, choose 'Buy Alert' or 'Sell Alert' from the menu afterward.

  5. The frequency of the alerts should be set to your preference. We recommend the 'Once per bar close' option that sends an alert via SMS for email, without expiry, whenever the conditions are met.

  6. This option is only available through tradingview's premium plans

Full Video

GIF: Setting Alerts for the MarketGod Indicator

Above: GIF showing the process for setting alerts
Full Video

Video: Setting Alerts on the MarketGod Indicator

How to Set Alerts Video #1

Tutorial | Removing NA Values

Users can remove unwanted values from their chart by following these steps

  1. Click the settings gear in the bottom right

  2. From the ‘Settings’, select the ‘Background’ tab

  3. Uncheck these two check boxes and press “Ok”

Full Video

GIF | Removing NA Values

Above: Removing the NA values on Tradingivew Charts

Full Video

Full Video | Removing NA Values

Above: Removing the NA values from Tradingview Charts

Tutorial | Changing Candlestick Types

Above: Changing Candlestick types

Tutorial | Adding an Indicator from the Pine Terminal to Tradingview Charts

  1. Open Pine Editor on bottom left side of screen, between the notes tab and the strategy testing section

  2. Copy your script from the file you have it stored or downloaded

  3. Ensure you copy the entire script.

    1. ALL COMMENTS NEED TO REMAIN WITH THE ‘//‘ prefix, or else the script will not compile

  4. Click the add-to-chart button in the top right


​Check back frequently for additional or newly published tutorials.

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