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Everything we have to share about the MarketGod Buy and Sell Indicator for Tradingview
Hello and welcome to MarketGod Trading
Regardless of your background in trading/finance, your culture, or where you call home, thank you for taking the time to review these documents and educate yourself on what has become the core of my livelihood over several years.
If you are new to the MarketGod Indicator or even a seasoned veteran, we appreciate your presence and hope to maintain and even add to your trading success with the use of our buy and sell indicator, and ideally, continue to add more value to your trades before making them.
If you've just purchased access to MarketGod for Tradingview, we will get you added shortly, and if we don't email our team. This guide aims to Establish a framework / fundamental understanding of what our tools do to utilize and apply them best. If you're just getting started and don't know how to add MarketGod in the Tradingview Public Library, we recommend you start in the [tutorials](/tutorials) section for assistance.
Once you have purchased access to MarketGod, Follow us on our social platforms. This is how we keep users up to date on the latest updates and changes.
Secondly, add the following Email Address to your Contacts + Whitelisted Domains Eric Thies, [email protected]. This is your main point of contact for administrative and support related issues.
Watch and review our tutorials and other resources provided on this site. It is ever changing and we update it frequently.

User Requirements

Before we can add you to MarketGod for Tradingview on, we require the following from all our users.

Tutorial: Start using MarketGod

  • To maximize your experience with MarketGod, we recommend purchasing their Pro or Premium subscription.
Once the account has been made, you will need to purchase our tool, which is available here. Purchase MarketGod for Tradingview

Included with MarketGod Purchase

If hesitant to purchase, we are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns via email.
If you were not redirected or the secure link has expired, send us an email with your receipt of purchase

New User Registration

Register via the form
Once purchased, users are directed to a registration process that is required for all users to complete.
Upon completion of payment, users will be redirected to a registration process that is required to be added to our permissions list for the indicators. This registration process asks for 4 pieces of information, which we handle securely and will never abuse for marketing or any other reason aside from administrative matters. Each is required for using our tool.
  1. 1.
    Your Name
  2. 2.
    Valid Email Address
  3. 3.
    Tradingview Name
  4. 4.
    Acceptance of the MarketGod User Agreement
When providing the information requested on the form, please be sure to double check your Tradingview Username. The management system we have available to us from Tradingview is case-sensitive, making it that much more important you verify your username prior to submitting the form

Tutorial: Finding Your Tradingview Username

  1. 1.
    Visit the tradingview homepage:
  2. 2.
    Once logged into your tradingview account, view the top right corner of the screen.
    (Alternatively, simply visit
  3. 3.
    The user name that appears on the profile in front of you is your username. Submit this username to our user-registration for the account you require for MarketGod Access.
ABOVE: Finding your Tradingview Username.
Tradingview Usernames for a given user are located on
Once you have submitted your user registration, we will add you to the permissions list on You will receive confirmation from Tradingview in your account notifications that you have Indicator Access.

MarketGod Indicator Access Confirmation

Your access to MarketGod will be confirmed via notification from Below, we walk through each step that needs to be taken to find the notification.
  1. 1.
    Confirmation from Tradingview
    • Tradingview automatically notifies any user of any private indicator that they have been added to a given permission list. In the event our notification is delayed or does not send, simply refresh your browser page and check this tab, highlighted below
Above: Users can see an alert from TradingView when permissions are granted for any private indicator they have access too (IE MarketGod)
Getting Started Finding MarketGod for Tradingview is simple for our users on Tradingview. Follow the guide below.

How To Find MarketGod

  1. 1.
    From the homepage, click on ‘Chart’ in the top navigation bar.Select “Indicators” on the top-center-middle panel:
  2. 2.
    In the indicator library, you will notice your tradingview account will now have a "invite only" section on the left-hand side. The indicator and strategy will both be available to you, and will look as the photo below

Tutorial: Finding MarketGod in Tradingview's Indicator Library

  1. 1.
    From the homepage, click on ‘Chart’ in the top navigation bar.Select “Indicators” on the top-center-middle panel:
  2. 2.
    In the indicator library, you will notice your tradingview account will now have a "invite only" section on the left-hand side. The indicator and strategy will both be available to you, and will look as the photo below
Above: Choose the Invite only tab in the tradingview indicator library.
Be Sure to choose the MarketGod for Tradingview [study] published by user MarketGodx. TVMARKETGOD is a previous account we needed to reset due to constraints on automated user adds we wanted to sidestep.
Once you have added MarketGod to your charts, you will want to establish alerts to maximize your trading opportunities. Follow these steps to set them correctly
We've recently upgraded our onboarding process and expect around a 5-10 minutes between users submitting registration to our system syncing and adding their permissions on our indicators.
If you find yourself waiting multiple hours without gaining access to the indicator, please email our team with a copy of your receipt and we will plan accordingly from there!
While many of our users simply wait for the "locks" next to the name to turn green, many are not aware the locks will remain red until you add the indicator and populate on your charts! Make sure to double check for this!
Once added to our permissions list, you will see a notification on your tradingview alert center. Confirmation from Tradingview in your notification center. Make sure to refresh your entire browser prior to searching 'MarketGod' in the public library.
  1. 1.
    • Tradingview automatically notifies all users of any private indicator that they have been added to a given permission list. In the event our notification is delayed or does not send, simply refresh your browser page and check this tab, highlighted below

Tutorial: Setting Alerts

  1. 1.
    From your Tradingview chart, navigate to the market or ticker and timeframes you'd like to set an alert for
  2. 2.
    From the main chart, click on the alerts icon in the right panel and then click the plus (+) to open the ‘Set Alert’ menu
  3. 3.
    Set the alerts for Buy and Sell, by selecting the MarketGod Indicator as the source of the alert (first drop down menu in the panel).
  4. 4.
    When the source is set to MarketGod, choose 'Buy Alert' or 'Sell Alert' from the menu afterward.
  5. 5.
    The frequency of the alerts should be set to your preference. We recommend the 'Once per bar close' option that sends an alert via SMS for email, without expiry, whenever the conditions are met.
  6. 6.
    This option is only available through tradingview's premium plans

Customizing MarketGod

MarketGod Users can adjust the overall appearance of the indicator as they use it. For a full list on why can be customized on in entirety, please see the references to, and note this applies to every indicator in strategy that users can add from the public library
This section is related to the visual appearance of MarketGod. If you are looking for adjustments and details on how to use the V7 and MarketGodx noise filter.

Available Customizations

  • MarketGod Signal Colors
  • MarketGod Signal Type
  • MarketGod Alert Text
  • MarketGod Painted Alert Style
  • MarketGod Alert Locations
  • Tradingview Alert Text
MarketGod Customizations

For additional oscillators and indicators to use with MarketGod, add 'MarketGod Visuals' from the public library

All aspects of your chart can be customized on tradingview by going to the "chart settings" tab/settings pin wheel on the bottom right corner of screen.

General Suggested Uses

MarketGod Can Be Applied To Every Market And Chart Offered On

That Really Does Mean EVERY Market.
Know that I built the tools primarily on Bitcoin vs. USD, because that's what I personally trade. That said, it DOES work on everything from equities, commodities, precious metals, indexes, funds, etc.
Eric Thies

MarketGod can be applied to any time-frame of chart

However we recommend 30m, 1h, 4h, 6h, 1D, 3D, 1W, 2W & 1M charts

The Higher the Time-Frame Wins

If multiple signals fire at once across different time-frames, the signal from the higher time-frame should take priority over the lower.
Ex) The 1D timeframe shows a sell. At the same time, the 1W timeframe shows a buy. The 1W frame will take priority and while the price of the asset will drop for a day or two, expect the bulls to take control toward the end of the week or given period.

Tutorial: What to Do When A Buy or Sell Signal Appears

When following an alert you've received from one of our indicators, please ensure to verify its validity by making note of the environment the alert came from.
Note that any plots that appear in the middle of a given period, are not confirmed until the period is closed. Once the period closes, and the plot is present on a chart, the ALERT will then fire to users via the method they set when creating the alert.
Once you receive an alert, consider the following when making YOUR decision to buy or sell the given asset.
  • Is the market volatile historically?
  • How long ago did the alert fire?
  • are we near the higher range of a trading chart and in new territory?
  • What time-frame did the alert fire on?
These are questions you need to be asking yourself prior to making an entry or exit into a position.
MarketGod Trading has issued multiple versions of the MarketGod Indicator. They are mostly similar in the process required once an alert is painted on the chart.

Best Practices for Strategy Testing on Tradingview

  1. 1.
    Use OHLC (normal) candles
  2. 2.
    Always make sure the 'recalculate on every tick' is UNCHECKED in the settings panel
  3. 3.
    Set slippage to reflect the fees you experience per trade
  4. 4.
    Remember that a high percentage of trade profitability DOES NOT ensure the strategy is solid. A strategy with 30% win-rate can yield higher return than one with 70%+. At the end of the day, the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS YOUR TAKE HOME PROFIT.

Further Reading into Strategies


MarketGod is an alert based indicator and is not offered as a native automation at this time. Users can access other tools to automate MarketGod by following these links to 3rd party and unaffiliated pages.

Pinescript Resources

Pinescript Is The Native Programming Language Of Tradingview.Com. Users Are Able To Build Their Own Indicators And Strategies Based On Technical Calculations And Plot Them All In Pine. We Will Continuously Add To The Scripts Listed Here So We Encourage You To Check Back From Time To Time. These Resources Are Also Available To Those Interested In Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

View our frequently asked questions on the indicator here.

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