Updating MarketGod

Step by Step Tutorials for MGv8

Access the Updated Indicator

Users can access the MarketGod update following these steps below.
Step 1: Refresh your tradingview chart in your internet browser
Step 2: Choose the Indicator library located on the top middle of your chart
Step 3: Select the Invite Only Component of your tradingview library.
Step 4: Select the Indicator/Study or Strategy to add to your charts
Step 5: MarketGod v8 for Tradingview is now on your Tradingview Chart

Summary: New in MarketGod v8

  • Expanded Functionality, Accuracy & Reliability
    • Less Noise, Accuracy on lower frames
  • Added SL/TP functionality (strategy only)
  • Added intraday testing by adding time-based entry rules (strategy only)
  • Consistent input across versioning
  • Labels are back
    • Plots and Labels are referenced as different, but appear relatively similar

Full Indicator and Strategy Walk Through

User Menu

  • We have completely redone the MarketGod User Menu, Functionality and overall way our users are intended to use the the indicator on charting platform.
    • We have done this by rebuilding the scripts you love, at the most micro level, to ensure the same tools you used in the past were added EXACTLY as they were ( in terms of the buy/sell plotting and alert use)

MarketGod Versioning

  • Users can switch to various marketgod releases by simply adjusting the settings in the user menu. While v8 is our recommendation, we acknowledge that users of previous releases prefer a given indicator for their market of choice and we enable them to continue using them if they'f like. The indicators are ideally progressive, in that the versions released most recently are intended to be more reliable than their predecessor, so new users and those who are without preference are recommended to use most recent version we have created, which is MarketGod v8.
  • The difference in the versions on a technical level is the buy and sell criteria assigned to each. For example, v7 and v7.1.0 may have the same buy and sell criteria, while v7 and v8 are unique from each other entirely.
Plots & Labels
  • Label Size: Requires 'Label Type' to be set to 'Labels' (defaulted to 'Plots').
  • Label Text: Applicable to plots and labels, can be adjusted to preference of "Buy/Sell", "Long/Short", "Up/Down", "♕",
Dynamic Price Plotting
  • We have added new options for the complete customization of how users utilize our tool
    • Colored/Highlighted Candles on the Buy/Sell Candles
    • Colored/Highlighted Background on the Buy/Sell Candles
    • Dynamic Price Lvl Suggesting
      • Hover your mouse over the candle an alert appears on and see the recommended entry or exit level for a given asset

Simplified Chop Filter Value

Since its introduction in MarketGod v7, the Chop Filter has been a preference of our users who typically lean towards liking its flexibility. That said, it is an EHMA, HMA, SMA, TEMA, EMA combination and the use of it is simple .... the higher the value, the less-frequent the alerts....usually.
  • We wanted to simplify this as it is reportedly confusing for we have turned it into a switch that users can remove or add in which we have pre-programmed the recommended length for the value, but users can still toy with the value when the Chop Filter customization switch is enabled.
  • We plan on upgrading this as more data becomes available on what values apply to specific markets.
Intraday Trading Time-Based Trading (strategy only)
  • Users can backtest a given time period by enabling this date/time feature on the Strategy version of the indicator. The Time is defaulted to UTC 00:00 and can be disabled/enabled in the user menu.
Stop Loss Take Profit (Strategy Only)
  • Users can enable/disable the stop-loss & take-profit functions in the settings menu on the strategy add-on. The SLTP is percent based and will close an order of an open position at the requested % set.