Studies vs Strategies

Differentiating Studies from Strategies on the Tradingview Platform
MarketGod is available as study and a strategy for active MarketGod users on the Tradingview platform. For users who are not experienced in trading the markets, we recommend using the study, before using the strategy, because the algorithm was a study before being converted into a strategy. For users who are looking to backtest results of their complimented strategy, we recommend the MG Strategy, and even adding the MG Study to the Tradingview Pinecoders backtesting engine.
Additionally, MarketGod Alerts can only be fired via the MarketGod Study. The MarketGod Strategy was built originally from the MarketGod Study, in response to a high volume of requests from users who would wanted to test their strategy and see the results.
Below are the formal definitions of the two types of chart overlays users can add to Tradingview charts. Strategies tend to be more proactive, while indicators/studies are purely reactive. Studies will typically be one of several components of a strategy, while strategies are often comprised of various studies at any given time.

Tradingview Strategies

Defining a Strategy (via
Pine strategies are used to run backtests. In addition to normal script calculations, they also contain strategy.* calls to generate buy and sell orders. They can plot information on charts but cannot be used to generate alerts. See Strategies.

Tradingview Studies

Pine studies, as the one in the previous example, also contain calculations and may plot information on charts, but cannot be used in backtesting. Studies containing alertcondition calls may be used to create alerts using the TradingView Create Alert dialog box. See study annotation.