How it Works

Breaking Down how our Tools Send Alerts and Methodolgies behind the reliable results delivered to users.

How the MarketGod Indicator Works

1.Potential Trade Identified by Algorithm by Technical Analysis

First, our solution uses technical analysis to monitor and measure a given market ticker. We can analyze and apply the tool to every market ticket imaginable. This includes

  • Cryptocurrency


  • Commodities

  • Equities

  • Indices

2. Identified Ticker is Monitored and Price Action Confirms Technical Assessment

Once the tool identifies a criteria met by the technical indicators, our price action function analyzes factors such as relative volatility, and other price related measurements that are seen in trend change.

3. Statistical Probability of Success Measured

Lastly, the algorithm confirms the potential move by measuring the trades probability of success. This calculation is dependent on our proprietary function, MarketGodf(x).

When the calculation results in a statistically probable environment for success, MarketGod alerts users of the incoming move.

4. Execute Signal and Alert User