MarketGod v8 Release Announcement

Introducing MarketGod v8 for the Tradingview Charting Platform

MarketGod Trading is pleased to announce the release of the MarketGod v8 Buy & Sell indicator for the TradingView Charting Platform, available now via the “invite-only” section of the public indicator library on At this time, current users can access the indicator itself by simply refreshing their internet browser, navigating to the indicator library on the top of the TradingView charting screen, and finding the indicator itself within the invite only portion of the menu. The guide below will walk users through this process, step by step.

New in MarketGod v8

  • Expanded Functionality, Accuracy & Reliability

  • Less Noise, Accuracy on lower frames

  • Added SL/TP functionality (strategy only)

  • Added intraday testing by adding time-based entry rules (strategy only)

  • Consistent input across versioning