Published Scripts

Published as TVMarketGod on, we o!er various technical indicators to alert when traders should buy or sell the given asset.

MarketGodx for Tradingview

Release Date

  • March 16 2020

  • Upgraded to MarketGodx2 on June 2020


  • Provides Buy and Sell Alerts for all markets and time frames on

  • Based entirely on price action and probability measurements of weighted components

  • Components include uptrend and downtrend recognition software, core oscillators to technical analysis


  • MarketGod v7

  • MarketGod v6

  • MarketGod v5

Legacy Indicators

MarketGod v7 (legacy)
MarketGod v6 (legacy)
MarketGod v5 (legacy)
MarketGod v7 (legacy)

MarketGod v7

Released 8/2019 - Updated 3/2020 Buy & Sell Indicator with ‘chop’ filter (details here) Backtest Strategy Released and Updated Included with Purchase of MarketGod for Tradingview

MarketGod v6 (legacy)

MarketGod v6

Released 4/2019 - Updated 4/2020 Buy & Sell Indicator Backtest Strategy Released and Updated Included with Purchase of MarketGod for Tradingview

MarketGod v5 (legacy)

MarketGod v5

MarketGod v5 - Released 3/2019 Released Originally by Eric Thies on Buy & Sell Indicator Strategy also available Included with Purchase of MarketGod for Tradingview

Primary Differences in Scripts

The higher the version, the more reliable the indicator

We’ve grown and progressed since the early days of developing our trading framework. Each release and upgrade brought higher expectations and higher return as a result. If you enjoy higher frequency trading, MarketGod v5 or MarketGod v6 may be the preference.

Upgraded versus Newly Released

Each version release was differentiated by a new buy and sell criteria. MarketGod v5, v6 and v7 for example, all have different technical components that trigger the alerts. That said, the version upgrades such as MarketGod 7.2.6 is indicative of the number of bugs or updates to the functionality or alert parameters that were changed over the course of the tool lifetime. The gallery’s below will show the visual differences in frequency of alerts.

Fun Facts

Our Indicator Tools Were Built and Released Free of Charge, Initially.

MarketGod v1, MarketGod v2, MarketGod v3 and MarketGod v4 were released under the published work of KingThies_ on Tradingview in January 2019. As an instant success with v1, the released continued to improve and gain ENORMOUS traction in the tradingview community. The original MarketGod was taken down to convert to a premium tool in March 2019, making MarketGod v6 the first ‘premium’ tool we offered. Since then, we have been working to re-add the originals for a ‘legacy’ line of MarketGod Trading Indicators.

If New to MarketGod Trading

MarketGod v7 will be your preferred tool in most cases. MarketGodx is the most recent, and once revised in May, will be our greatest tool ever.

MarketGodx for Tradingview by TVMarketGod MarketGodx for Tradingview by TVMarketGod on

Differentiating Indicators from Strategies On Tradingview

Pine strategies are used to run backtests. In addition to normal script calculations, they also contain strategy.* calls to generate buy and sell orders. They can plot information on charts but cannot be used to generate alerts. See Strategies.

Pine studies, as the one in the previous example, also contain calculations and may plot information on charts, but cannot be used in backtesting. Studies containing alertcondition calls may be used to create alerts using the TradingView Create Alert dialog box. See study annotation.